Dear Mr MacDonald,
Thank you for sending through your dimensions and requirements.
Please find attached my proposed design and layout. It works and fits
together very well. It is based on our ‘Liberty’ open style system. This design
is in a chocolate wood (Wenge) finish.
For easy access and greater storage this system has no doors or partitions
as it is ‘dressing room’ furniture.
Back panels with a unique concealed racking mechanism means the shelving
and furniture is adjustable and modules can be added at a later date.
If what I have shown is what you are looking for, this layout will cost
Inc. Vat & delivery.
Installation will be
This I know will give you a great idea of how our ‘Liberty’ system will work for
We can work together on the design and get it exactly right for you.
Any amendments or alterations to the configuration we will make upon
request and email to you as and when we do them at your convenience.
We ask for a 50% deposit, the cleared balance is due upon delivery of the
wardrobe system.
We look forward to receiving your feedback.
Kind Regards
Member of the Sales team.
0800 043 1448